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Curbing Food Wastage is Our Motto at TheoryAtl

Would you believe if we told you that a place like New York creates about half a million tonnes of food wastage every year?

Yes, that’s a fact and it is a major reason why New York is filling up all its landfills quickly. According to stats, if only 5% of this wastage is curbed somehow, then 14% of landfills will be shrunk. The problem of food wastage is a global issue, with all major cities of the world combating with tonnes of food which is thrown into garbage bins. Much of this food, in fact a lion’s share, comes from restaurants.


The reason why restaurants generate so much wastage food is that more often than not, patrons who order the food are unable to figure out exactly how much of food they are going to get on their plate. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth if the ordered food is somehow less than what was desired. This becomes a bit of an embarrassment if you have taken guests out for dining. To ensure that you don’t run up with a food shortage at your table, you end up ordering more than what you actually need.

What Do Restaurants Do To Stop Food Wastage?

Restaurants do nothing to inform patrons about the portion size of each dish. As a result, you don’t know if a particular dish will be sufficient for one person, or two. For example, a dish rich in carbohydrates is usually avoided by most at the table. If not altogether missed, people take a small helping of the dish and refuse the rest. In such cases, ordering a lot of such food will lead to wastage.

It is the job of the restaurant and the servers waiting tables to help patrons and diners make an informed choice. After all, they know how much of food they are serving and how many people can consume that without any hitches. If the servers inform guests about the quantity of food they can expect in a dish, diners will make an informed choice about how much they want to order. That way, wastage of food will be curtailed substantially.

Theory restaurant is committed to the cause of cutting down on food wastage. Our servers are trained to help patrons make the right choice in terms of quantity of food that they order. Dine with us, the best restaurant in Duluth, Atlanta, and see the difference in how we serve diners.

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